Spring Blossoms

Creator: Jenika P.

Stitches: One Drop Peyote

Pillars in the sun

Creator: Mystee S.

Stitches: A lot!

Dagger Necklace

Creator: Marilee G.

Stitches: Right Angle Weave and Netting

Beading Ideas!

Beading can be about anything you want it to be.  We have had amazing adventures with beads over the years, including beading a wire dress bust with semi-precious and precious stones

to creating a customized,

African bead cap for a wild boar's tusk.

Now we admit that most of our adventures are not quite so diverse, we love to watch people create jewelry that makes their hearts happy!

Vintaj Magatama Rope

Creator: Jenika P.

Stitches: Magatama Rope Stitch

Hearts in a Row

Creator: Betty S.

Stitches: Netting, Stringing, Right Angle Weave, and Picot